English Journal Week 13


Do you think it is important to having a small business? For me, having a small business is really important these days because then when we can learn and also earn something in our life which can be a benefit for our future, and that’s why here I’m going to tell you about my experiences on starting to having a small business. Two years ago I decided to start my first small business with a vintage formal architecture which is a coffee shop. My coffee shop brand name is ‘Co. S Coffee Shop’ which it’s means Co for the Coffe and S for Setyanda. Setyanda is my surname and actually Co. S also can be used for “Company of Setyanda” where the real name of my company will be ‘Setyanda Company’ and maybe one day I can use that name of the company on my more success life. Until now Co. S Coffee Shop still only has one branch store and it is located in Central Jakarta. That day I admit that I was taking a big risk to choose that place as the first branch of this small business in the middle of Jakarta city, but I convinced myself to stay brave and confident even though taking big risks. And maybe because of that and my hard work I deserved what I supposed to get until right now.

People might be thinking “why she chose a coffee shop?” or something like “she might really love coffee”, actually yes maybe it’s because I like coffee but I don’t love it! So the main idea of having a coffee shop came out when I visited a coffee shop in Japan that I’m just going to call it ‘The J Coffee Shop’, where that coffee shop was really cool and have a very large number of customers. The J Coffee Shop have a unique architecture and cute themes. The themes of The J Coffee Shop seems like they combined all the seasons such as Christmas, Halloween, valentine, easter, etc. and this coffee shop was also very comfy and lovely, although they have many customers the waiters was so lovely and they still can make it cozy as well. Since that day, I was thinking that coffee is a drink that can help people to relieve some stress which is also can make a cozy feel. And because I love comfy things so I decided that coffee shop was the best way to starting my small business.

On having a business is not only you get the money but it’s about having fun on doing it, and business is already my passion since long time ago. Two years ago, right on 21st of July is when I just opened my Co. S Coffee Shop and I felt really happy along with two of my employees to serve the customers that day. We promoted our store to our friends, family, and all the passers. That day we also giving some ‘buy 1 get 1’ promos on the first day of opening Co. S Coffee Shop, so people will come and recognize our new brand.

One day, Co. S Coffee Shop already has more progress with more employees and also more customers. And I decided to be a real CEO where I don’t need to step in on the business much, so I just need to check all the reports and the work of my employees. But at that time, one of my employees made a mistake that he has misheard what my customers order and that customers were complained and maybe also angry, so it makes me a little bit confused, while there were also many other customers who being disturbed by that incident. So, to always focus, focus, focus on what customers demand is one of the most important things in a business.

After all this time running my business, not so long ago my Co. S Coffee Shop just got some rewards as the best quality product and as the most popular brand. It was so amazing knowing my coffee shop to got such a big opportunity on having some rewards, while my Co. S Coffee Shop actually was still a new brand in this city. It just like whoever don’t like to get presents right? So that was such an honor for me, for my employees and for my family.

I think that’s all about my experiences on starting a small business, from the very beginning of my coffee shop journey, until getting more income from my business. And don’t to forget the keyword for having a business is not only what you got or what you earn, but it’s about to always happy and enjoy to do it. If we already enjoying do our job, we could be more success, and if we already succeed don’t you ever forget about other people and try to not grumble, be more tender and stay humble.


English Journal Week 10

Week 10 is the last week before we did the mid test. This week was the busiest week for us. During this week, the students had given time by the teachers to do all the task and assignment for the past half semester. I’m so happy to know that holiday will come so soon yet so sad to face all the exams.

On the first session, all the students are asked by Bu Evi to tell her who has finished with their assignments and who has not finished yet. And most all of us hasn’t finished all the assignments yet including me. On this week, we also doing all the retest for those who needs to retest only. And for the rest of students that didn’t do the retest must finished their assignments.

For the second session, we do preparation for the mid test in English class. During the class, we had a review that given by Bu Evi already told. The review was about ‘Do You Want To Be A Billionaire?’ game things. For the review, we have to answer the question with a group that contains 3 people that we also need to discuss first before answering. Sadly my team didn’t win the game. Though it was a pretty hard game, it was a so fun.

That was for the week 10, wish me luck for the mid test next week!


English Journal Week 9

As usually, we had 2 sessions in English class, on Thursday and Friday. On week 9, all the English class session is used for writing the 600-900 words article. But sadly I can’t fully use that time to making the article, that’s because I was joining the Campus Tour in Japan and I have to absent about 5 days on that week.

The title of the article is “Small Change” and it’s about starting a new business. For my article, I choose a coffee shop as my new business. And the article is telling all about my own business, from the background why I choose a coffee shop until the rewards that I got from my business.

At first, I have no idea on how making them. I was absent and that makes me more confused how to start the article. Finding all my friends was already done or just need some correction on their article, while I’m just coming back from Japan that day. But I still try to make the article slowly, and unconsciously it feels more easy and easier. It is so hard to make the first sentences or maybe the first paragraph, but if you already have done the first paragraph, the idea will come more easily for the second and the other next paragraph.

Writing an article was not that hard as my expectation, it just feels so hard because I never try to write such a long essay like this before. It took me about 2-3 days to finished the article. It may help you more when you try and keep practice on writing, so it feels way easier later and takes less time to making them.


English Journal Week 8

This is the 8th week of my English Journal and we’re still doing preparation for our article (the 600-900 words essay). During this week, we have learned about Rhetorical Devices, that will be used for our next assignment as I said before on week 7.

Rhetorical Devices is some devices/techniques that use to drafting an essay on how the writer use the content to influence the readers. Rhetorical Devices usually use to make the draft of a long essay such as an article that will affect the writer to make the content of the essay. There are 9 types of Rhetorical Devices, and as a writer, we can choose what Rhetorical Devices that we want to use for our article:

1. Rhetorical Question

a question that use to make a point and the writer will not expect you to answer this question.

“Do you want to be successful in life?”

2. List of 3

3 nouns, adjectives/verb will be used in a sentence.

“School uniform is uncomfortable, unattractive and unfashionable.”

3. Repetition

the technique of repeating some word and phrase.

“You have to work, work, work if you want to be successful.”

4. Personal Involvement/Anecdote

incorporates aspects of their personal experience.

“Owning a small business is so difficult, even more than your expectation.”

5. Audience Involvement/Direct Address

writer involves the reader by relating the subject.

“We all know how challenging in starting a new business.”

6. Facts & Statistics

use information and data (proved & true) to make the article more reliable.

“56% of Americans said they drank alcohol at all.”

7. Experts opinion/quotations

knowledge of an expert.

“Dr.Martin believes that more needs to be done to improve the health of young people.”

8. Over-Exaggeration

uses superlatives and adjectives to make a situation seem much worse or better (hyperbole).

“Being an employee is like being a slaved.”

9. Formal/Informal register

to determine the writer’s level of formality.

formal: “As the price of five dollars was reasonable, I decided to make the purchase without further thought.”

informal: “It was, like, five bucks, so I was like “okay”.”

After we learned all the Rhetorical Devices, Mrs. Evi told us to continue our draft using Rhetorical Devices by putting at least one Rhetorical Devices to each paragraph while looking the IGCSE book for the example on making a draft. Next week, we have to write the full article about starting a new business and it has to be of 600-900 words.

Well, that’s the 8th week in English class. I have to prepare more for the next week so I can do it nicely and easily my article about starting a new business.


English Journal Week 7

Week 7, we have learned another aspect of Writing for Specific Audience and it’s about the typical task and questions. Actually, we have an assignment which we must make a 600-900 words magazine article about starting a small business. And the typical task and questions topic is used to make the draft of the magazine article that we made on this week. But before we did the drafting, we learned some grammar review in the 1st session.

The grammar review was about sentences and it’s the Sentence Structure. Sentence Structure let us know the types of sentences and it’s talked about how to arrange a good sentence base on the structure itself. Sentence Structure has 5 types:

  • Simple Sentence

consists of only one independent clause (S + Verb).

“I teach English at a high school in Parung.”

  • Compound Sentence

consists of two or more independent clauses (S + Verb) and connected by the coordinating conjunction which is FANBOYS (For, And, Nor, But, Or, Yet, So).

“I live in Bogor, and I teach English at a high school in Parung.”

  • Complex Sentences

has at least one independent clause + one dependent clause (S + Verb) and use the subordinating conjunction (When, Where, Why, Which, Who, Whom, Because, Since, Before, After, Although, If, etc.)

“I teach English at a high school in Parung, which is not far from Bogor.”

  • Compound-Complex Sentences

has at least two independent clauses + one dependent clause.

“I live in Bogor, and I teach English at a high school in Parung, which is not far from Bogor.”

  • Sentence Fragment

a set of words with no independent clause may be an incomplete sentence.

“A high school in Parung”

After we learned about Sentence Structure, Mrs. Evi told us to make a draft of our magazine article on starting a small business. But, before I make the draft there are some aspects that I have to analyze and consider first:

  1. Text type? Magazine article
  2. Purpose? To discuss
  3. Writer/role? Small business owner
  4. Content? Challenges and rewards of starting a small business
  5. Tone? Excitement but also worries
  6. Length? One article (600-900 words)

After I analyze and answer all the aspects, Mrs. Evi told us to summarize and make it into a paragraph, and here is my paragraph of the draft to making a magazine article:

In the process of making a magazine article, we need to consider the conventions of our article like who are we or what role that the writers gonna do. After knowing what role of the writer, first we have to decide what article that we gonna write about, for example, is about ‘starting a small business’ and using simple past tense. Second, decide the voice of the article, for this magazine article I’m gonna attractive people by using the first person for the voice. Third, what register that we will use, while I just have chosen friendly register for the article. After that, you need to create the sense, mood, and tone of the article. For this magazine article, the sense is excitement, the mood is to persuade the reader to get enthusiastic and curious, and the tone is the excitement and worries of the writers. The vocabulary will be the common words, and it will use a rhetorical question, list of three, anecdote for the types of sentence on persuading the readers to attract them. While the devices will be some facts. The challenges is taking a risk on managing a business. The rewards is earning something from the business. The excitement is accomplished something. The worries are won’t get anything or bankrupt. And last, the structure for an article is consist of opening or introduction paragraph, the body of the paragraph, and ending or the conclusion/closing paragraph.

That’s all of my paragraph drafting and also what we did for the week 7. Wish I can do the whole article easily as the next assignment!


English Journal Week 6

Five weeks has passed so quickly for me, and it’s my 6th journal for my English Weekly Journal project. On the 1st session (Thursday) we have learned about the conventions and classification of Text Types on Writing for Specific Audience, and on Friday we had another test which it was a formative test on the 2nd session.

Writing for Specific Audience divided into many materials, on the 1st session of week 6 we have discussed about the conventions and classification of Text Types. There are 6 Text Types on Writing for Specific Audience:

1. Report

to classify and/or describe something.

example: newspaper & magazine (reports, letters, editorials)

2. Recount (fiction or informational)

to retell a series of events.

example: autobiography, journals & diaries (first-person accounts)

3. Narrative (fiction or informational)

to entertain, amuse or instruct.

example: novels, biography & poetry (stories)

4. Persuasive

convincing the reader of the writer’s point of view.

example: advertisements & speeches (persuades)

5. Procedure

to instruct someone on how to do something.

example: recipes, rule books & website (instructions)

6. Response

to respond to an artistic work.

example: critical & review (responds)

The last session was on Friday and we had a formative test to do. The test was about all the lessons that we have learned in English class before. It consisted of 25 multiple choices and 2 essays, we need to write a journal for the past 5 weeks on English class and a review paragraph of Directed Writing for the essays.

Week 6 was not that good and it’s a little bit tiring week for me. The most tiring part was on the formative test. I mean when we had to write 2 long essays with a lack of time. But at least I still can answer all the essays completely as well as I can :).


English Journal Week 5

Almost every week we do a grammar review, so the same for week 5 and it’s about Simple Past and Past Perfect. This week we continued our latest topic to learn more about Tone and Mood, and we also did some review about Tone and Mood before did the quiz test on 2nd session of the week.

We always did grammar review on the first session and it’s always at the beginning in every session. This week we did the grammar review about Simple Past and Past Perfect:

  • Simple Past

(VERB) + (ed) or Irregular (V2)

“I played play station yesterday.”

  • Past Perfect

Had + Past participle (V3)

“I had finished my homework.”

Tone and Mood are known as the emotions or feelings expressed in a writing (text). While the Mood itself is ‘the emotion evoked by a text reader or what you experienced’. So the mood is what you feel after reading a writer’s writing, it can be angry, happy, lonely,etc. And Tone is ‘the way the writers feeling are expressed’. The tone is like the emotional that expressed but from the writer’s viewpoint, it can be sarcastic, optimistic, solemn, etc.

Last but not least, we did some review before the quiz with some other friends while Mrs. Evi only told us the instructions how to do the quiz. The quiz was just using a blank paper and the questions are on the slide. The questions were not many, but I was a little bit nervous that day because I didn’t study much for the quiz.

It’s a fairly busy week for the week 5, and it’s getting more challenging of English class. After all, It’s still a really nice week as I still can learn more something in English class thought!