The Rise and Rise of Social Media : Pt. 2

Nowadays many people said that social media is one of the most important things in people’s life. It can be seen because there are so many people that using social media or maybe all the population in this world. Entertainment, business, until socialization you can do and get on social media. Business by making an online shop, entertainment from what people post on their social media, and socialization by chatting with other people. Yet, can we get a good relationship with other people by socialization or chatting with social media? Will your business go better by only making an online shop? Or maybe social media can entertain you more than in real life? So, have you thought what are the effects by accessing social media?

Social media more use to help people’s life. Many people said that without social media in their life they feel so alone or maybe feel empty. People searching everything on social media. Many pieces of information come without asking on social media. And information is one of the most things that people want to know or searching for. Many strangers ask each other just to get an information. It can be about politics, celebrity, and many other issues. Moreover, you can get more knowledge with information. We can help each other to give information what we know but other people didn’t know. As long as we can do a good thing on social media, why not?

Information comes here and there not only on social media. In real life many people telling information even with their opinion too. We can know even better if we see more many sides of other people. And there are so many hoax information on social media that can make a war over peoples and they argue the hoax that posted by the strangers. They just judge each other on social media even a couple of best friend can be separated by judging or argue something on social media. That’s why there are many peoples that don’t prefer to use social media, even though sometimes they need social media. So, if we use or access or getting information from social media, we can get a fake fact of people. The many of hoax is can be because of the strangers hating the people that on the information so that people can get a bad score from many other strangers who read or get that information. Would you still prefer social media for getting an issue about a person?

Socialization is the biggest advantage of social media. Because with social media people can access the ‘free call’ things that doesn’t cost your benefit (pulsa) on the other hand it is using the internet. Many people do the socialization things on social media. They chit-chatting, free-calling, and also free-video calling. These things are used when we need to contact the other people with a long distance from us. For example is I live in Jakarta and I want to call my mom, but she is in Paris, social media is the most efficient things to call my mom. And even you have a childhood friend, but you never ever meet him or her again, you can contact that person via social media. This benefit is everything for some or maybe all of people in this world. And I’m sure you guys have tried these things right?

Socialization over social media is everything for some of them. But there are also people that didn’t like the procedure of social media’s socialization. Social media actually can decrease the family times. Have you seen or maybe been a complete member of the family, but they are not talk each other, yet they just playing their own cell phone like never know each other? This is what makes me sad, even with our family we just killing times without doing the socialization things. That’s because many of them think that with social media is already enough, and they play social media all the time without knowing who is the person in front of them. Will you stop or just play a little time on your social media this time?

Last but not least, I would like to tell you guys that with this article, I want you to think what is right and what is wrong. Actually accessing social media isn’t harmful if we know how to manage during playing it. We have to know, when we need or should maybe need social media. But we also have to know when we should stop to access the social media. If you can’t manage that, then it will be harmful, even when we have children it will so so harmful, they can do what a bad thing that you did, cause children learn more from their parents. As a conclusion, can we manage to access the social media during anything, whenever, and wherever?


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