Bali: Green School


I’d like to tell you about the story of when I visited Green School. First I’ll start with my first impression of the school, the school was very beautiful as you could see from the architecture, the bamboo, the theme, and how well it was taken care of, you could tell by looking at it that this school is top notch. “It’d be an absolute dream to have an education here and how wonderful it must be for the students studying here”, that was what I thought about when the guide took me on the tour. The school’s guide showed us around the school. To me, it felt more like a theme park rather than a school. We were served sweet cakes and tea before going around which was a relief because the weather was so hot. The school was filled with nature’s ambiance, coming from the woods surrounding the school including the loud squeals of the birds in the bird sanctuary’s cages own by the school. Beside the bird sanctuary, there was also a magnificent geode located in the heart of the school; the guide told us that it was from Brazil, the rock felt warm as I touched it, its beautiful crystalline insides shown in transparency. The guide then took us to the garden where it had an earthy smell, as you would expect from a garden.





If we continued the trek at night, I assure you it would’ve been very scary, the school had a lot of tall grasses you see, the kinds that give you a lovely scratch when you walk past them. I wonder if wild animals lived in the forest surrounding it. How would they sound if they were stalking prey? But if the school was well lit, I’m sure it’d be beautiful. Living in bamboo buildings would be the perfect rural utopia. When I saw the main hall, I wouldn’t have rejected if I was asked to have dinner there since it was truly a beautiful structure, the smell and taste of a savory dinner, live music, would have been an absolute dream.


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