Last Holiday: Derawan Island

Derawan Island popular for the perfect oceans and islands in Indonesia. Last holiday I went to Derawan Island with my family as my end of semester holiday vacation. There are so many places to go to in and around the Derawan Island: Talisayan (swimming with the shark), Kakaban (snorkeling with jellyfish) and Labuan Cermin (the border of oceans and lake).

Many people think that shark is a dangerous carnivore animal. But the actually is, any sharks won’t attack or kill you when you don’t bother them. And there is a species of sharks that so benign to human, the one that I swam with before at Talisayan, which is not far from my lodging in Derawan Island. They called whale shark, and maybe whale shark is the kindest species of sharks. The moment when I was swimming with them was really fun yet so scary, it feels like “oh my god, it’s real!” They were so big, even though they are babies. But all I have to do was to not getting scared, scared, scared of them and stay kept calm so they won’t feel bothered of me.

Snorkeling with jellyfish took a place at Kakaban Island. Snorkeling with jellyfish was the very best moment and my favorite one for this vacation. I don’t know why, but Snorkeling and take a looked to them was really cute and I was moved by the time when I saw to all of them because they were so beautiful. This time, I wasn’t snorkeling on the ocean but on a captivity of jellyfish, that the jellyfish with no sting was get moved by some people to an artificial lake, and make that lake to be a captivity of jellyfish that people can also swim there since the jellyfish has no sting so it is safe for the kids too.

Do you ever have been to the border of oceans and lake? Labuan Cermin is one of the places where the oceans and lake to be a combination. This place is so famous for its clarity of the water. Just like its name, ‘Cermin’ means a mirror that stands for the water that looks like a mirror. The color of the water is different with the normal oceans and the normal lake, it’s more likely a green-teal color and the taste of water was really fresh on the surface of the lake.

Derawan Island was perfect for those who needs a perfect picture for their blue feeds on Instagram since it is a most-of-oceans location. Derawan Island also a really, really, really beautiful place for you to having many new beautiful experiences too. And I really high recommend Derawan Island for those who wants a tropical-ish vacation, and I swear you will not regret unless you’re out of your luck.


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