English Journal Week 14

Time flies so fast and yas it’s already week 14!! This week we had another 2 sessions in English class. For this week we learned about another kind of text type and tried a TOEFL listening practice. Actually, I was so lazy to do the listening practice but I’m so curious on how was the TOEFL level.

On the first session, we’re told by Bu Evi to do a TOEFL listening practice and also did a capitalization review to help us remembering what we had learned before. Bu Evi chose to use ixl for the capitalization review, and ixl was really helpful to understand what we just learned about.

For this week, Bu Evi told us to bring our electronic devices to do the assignment. The assignment was about the small change article, that we need to post the article as the week 13 of the English journal, that we had posted on ‘English Journal Week 13’. Bu Evi also introduced us about an application/web called ‘grammarly’ that you can find on With this application/web, we can check our writing if correct our mistake on the capitalization, punctuation, and grammar.

This week was another fun week that gave me a good experience. Hope I can get more experiences again later!


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