English Journal Week 9

As usually, we had 2 sessions in English class, on Thursday and Friday. On week 9, all the English class session is used for writing the 600-900 words article. But sadly I can’t fully use that time to making the article, that’s because I was joining the Campus Tour in Japan and I have to absent about 5 days on that week.

The title of the article is “Small Change” and it’s about starting a new business. For my article, I choose a coffee shop as my new business. And the article is telling all about my own business, from the background why I choose a coffee shop until the rewards that I got from my business.

At first, I have no idea on how making them. I was absent and that makes me more confused how to start the article. Finding all my friends was already done or just need some correction on their article, while I’m just coming back from Japan that day. But I still try to make the article slowly, and unconsciously it feels more easy and easier. It is so hard to make the first sentences or maybe the first paragraph, but if you already have done the first paragraph, the idea will come more easily for the second and the other next paragraph.

Writing an article was not that hard as my expectation, it just feels so hard because I never try to write such a long essay like this before. It took me about 2-3 days to finished the article. It may help you more when you try and keep practice on writing, so it feels way easier later and takes less time to making them.


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