English Journal Week 8

This is the 8th week of my English Journal and we’re still doing preparation for our article (the 600-900 words essay). During this week, we have learned about Rhetorical Devices, that will be used for our next assignment as I said before on week 7.

Rhetorical Devices is some devices/techniques that use to drafting an essay on how the writer use the content to influence the readers. Rhetorical Devices usually use to make the draft of a long essay such as an article that will affect the writer to make the content of the essay. There are 9 types of Rhetorical Devices, and as a writer, we can choose what Rhetorical Devices that we want to use for our article:

1. Rhetorical Question

a question that use to make a point and the writer will not expect you to answer this question.

“Do you want to be successful in life?”

2. List of 3

3 nouns, adjectives/verb will be used in a sentence.

“School uniform is uncomfortable, unattractive and unfashionable.”

3. Repetition

the technique of repeating some word and phrase.

“You have to work, work, work if you want to be successful.”

4. Personal Involvement/Anecdote

incorporates aspects of their personal experience.

“Owning a small business is so difficult, even more than your expectation.”

5. Audience Involvement/Direct Address

writer involves the reader by relating the subject.

“We all know how challenging in starting a new business.”

6. Facts & Statistics

use information and data (proved & true) to make the article more reliable.

“56% of Americans said they drank alcohol at all.”

7. Experts opinion/quotations

knowledge of an expert.

“Dr.Martin believes that more needs to be done to improve the health of young people.”

8. Over-Exaggeration

uses superlatives and adjectives to make a situation seem much worse or better (hyperbole).

“Being an employee is like being a slaved.”

9. Formal/Informal register

to determine the writer’s level of formality.

formal: “As the price of five dollars was reasonable, I decided to make the purchase without further thought.”

informal: “It was, like, five bucks, so I was like “okay”.”

After we learned all the Rhetorical Devices, Mrs. Evi told us to continue our draft using Rhetorical Devices by putting at least one Rhetorical Devices to each paragraph while looking the IGCSE book for the example on making a draft. Next week, we have to write the full article about starting a new business and it has to be of 600-900 words.

Well, that’s the 8th week in English class. I have to prepare more for the next week so I can do it nicely and easily my article about starting a new business.


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