English Journal Week 7

Week 7, we have learned another aspect of Writing for Specific Audience and it’s about the typical task and questions. Actually, we have an assignment which we must make a 600-900 words magazine article about starting a small business. And the typical task and questions topic is used to make the draft of the magazine article that we made on this week. But before we did the drafting, we learned some grammar review in the 1st session.

The grammar review was about sentences and it’s the Sentence Structure. Sentence Structure let us know the types of sentences and it’s talked about how to arrange a good sentence base on the structure itself. Sentence Structure has 5 types:

  • Simple Sentence

consists of only one independent clause (S + Verb).

“I teach English at a high school in Parung.”

  • Compound Sentence

consists of two or more independent clauses (S + Verb) and connected by the coordinating conjunction which is FANBOYS (For, And, Nor, But, Or, Yet, So).

“I live in Bogor, and I teach English at a high school in Parung.”

  • Complex Sentences

has at least one independent clause + one dependent clause (S + Verb) and use the subordinating conjunction (When, Where, Why, Which, Who, Whom, Because, Since, Before, After, Although, If, etc.)

“I teach English at a high school in Parung, which is not far from Bogor.”

  • Compound-Complex Sentences

has at least two independent clauses + one dependent clause.

“I live in Bogor, and I teach English at a high school in Parung, which is not far from Bogor.”

  • Sentence Fragment

a set of words with no independent clause may be an incomplete sentence.

“A high school in Parung”

After we learned about Sentence Structure, Mrs. Evi told us to make a draft of our magazine article on starting a small business. But, before I make the draft there are some aspects that I have to analyze and consider first:

  1. Text type? Magazine article
  2. Purpose? To discuss
  3. Writer/role? Small business owner
  4. Content? Challenges and rewards of starting a small business
  5. Tone? Excitement but also worries
  6. Length? One article (600-900 words)

After I analyze and answer all the aspects, Mrs. Evi told us to summarize and make it into a paragraph, and here is my paragraph of the draft to making a magazine article:

In the process of making a magazine article, we need to consider the conventions of our article like who are we or what role that the writers gonna do. After knowing what role of the writer, first we have to decide what article that we gonna write about, for example, is about ‘starting a small business’ and using simple past tense. Second, decide the voice of the article, for this magazine article I’m gonna attractive people by using the first person for the voice. Third, what register that we will use, while I just have chosen friendly register for the article. After that, you need to create the sense, mood, and tone of the article. For this magazine article, the sense is excitement, the mood is to persuade the reader to get enthusiastic and curious, and the tone is the excitement and worries of the writers. The vocabulary will be the common words, and it will use a rhetorical question, list of three, anecdote for the types of sentence on persuading the readers to attract them. While the devices will be some facts. The challenges is taking a risk on managing a business. The rewards is earning something from the business. The excitement is accomplished something. The worries are won’t get anything or bankrupt. And last, the structure for an article is consist of opening or introduction paragraph, the body of the paragraph, and ending or the conclusion/closing paragraph.

That’s all of my paragraph drafting and also what we did for the week 7. Wish I can do the whole article easily as the next assignment!


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