English Journal Week 13


Do you think it is important to having a small business? For me, having a small business is really important these days because then when we can learn and also earn something in our life which can be a benefit for our future, and that’s why here I’m going to tell you about my experiences on starting to having a small business. Two years ago I decided to start my first small business with a vintage formal architecture which is a coffee shop. My coffee shop brand name is ‘Co. S Coffee Shop’ which it’s means Co for the Coffe and S for Setyanda. Setyanda is my surname and actually Co. S also can be used for “Company of Setyanda” where the real name of my company will be ‘Setyanda Company’ and maybe one day I can use that name of the company on my more success life. Until now Co. S Coffee Shop still only has one branch store and it is located in Central Jakarta. That day I admit that I was taking a big risk to choose that place as the first branch of this small business in the middle of Jakarta city, but I convinced myself to stay brave and confident even though taking big risks. And maybe because of that and my hard work I deserved what I supposed to get until right now.

People might be thinking “why she chose a coffee shop?” or something like “she might really love coffee”, actually yes maybe it’s because I like coffee but I don’t love it! So the main idea of having a coffee shop came out when I visited a coffee shop in Japan that I’m just going to call it ‘The J Coffee Shop’, where that coffee shop was really cool and have a very large number of customers. The J Coffee Shop have a unique architecture and cute themes. The themes of The J Coffee Shop seems like they combined all the seasons such as Christmas, Halloween, valentine, easter, etc. and this coffee shop was also very comfy and lovely, although they have many customers the waiters was so lovely and they still can make it cozy as well. Since that day, I was thinking that coffee is a drink that can help people to relieve some stress which is also can make a cozy feel. And because I love comfy things so I decided that coffee shop was the best way to starting my small business.

On having a business is not only you get the money but it’s about having fun on doing it, and business is already my passion since long time ago. Two years ago, right on 21st of July is when I just opened my Co. S Coffee Shop and I felt really happy along with two of my employees to serve the customers that day. We promoted our store to our friends, family, and all the passers. That day we also giving some ‘buy 1 get 1’ promos on the first day of opening Co. S Coffee Shop, so people will come and recognize our new brand.

One day, Co. S Coffee Shop already has more progress with more employees and also more customers. And I decided to be a real CEO where I don’t need to step in on the business much, so I just need to check all the reports and the work of my employees. But at that time, one of my employees made a mistake that he has misheard what my customers order and that customers were complained and maybe also angry, so it makes me a little bit confused, while there were also many other customers who being disturbed by that incident. So, to always focus, focus, focus on what customers demand is one of the most important things in a business.

After all this time running my business, not so long ago my Co. S Coffee Shop just got some rewards as the best quality product and as the most popular brand. It was so amazing knowing my coffee shop to got such a big opportunity on having some rewards, while my Co. S Coffee Shop actually was still a new brand in this city. It just like whoever don’t like to get presents right? So that was such an honor for me, for my employees and for my family.

I think that’s all about my experiences on starting a small business, from the very beginning of my coffee shop journey, until getting more income from my business. And don’t to forget the keyword for having a business is not only what you got or what you earn, but it’s about to always happy and enjoy to do it. If we already enjoying do our job, we could be more success, and if we already succeed don’t you ever forget about other people and try to not grumble, be more tender and stay humble.


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