English Journal Week 10

Week 10 is the last week before we did the mid test. This week was the busiest week for us. During this week, the students had given time by the teachers to do all the task and assignment for the past half semester. I’m so happy to know that holiday will come so soon yet so sad to face all the exams.

On the first session, all the students are asked by Bu Evi to tell her who has finished with their assignments and who has not finished yet. And most all of us hasn’t finished all the assignments yet including me. On this week, we also doing all the retest for those who needs to retest only. And for the rest of students that didn’t do the retest must finished their assignments.

For the second session, we do preparation for the mid test in English class. During the class, we had a review that given by Bu Evi already told. The review was about ‘Do You Want To Be A Billionaire?’ game things. For the review, we have to answer the question with a group that contains 3 people that we also need to discuss first before answering. Sadly my team didn’t win the game. Though it was a pretty hard game, it was a so fun.

That was for the week 10, wish me luck for the mid test next week!


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