English Journal Week 6

Five weeks has passed so quickly for me, and it’s my 6th journal for my English Weekly Journal project. On the 1st session (Thursday) we have learned about the conventions and classification of Text Types on Writing for Specific Audience, and on Friday we had another test which it was a formative test on the 2nd session.

Writing for Specific Audience divided into many materials, on the 1st session of week 6 we have discussed about the conventions and classification of Text Types. There are 6 Text Types on Writing for Specific Audience:

1. Report

to classify and/or describe something.

example: newspaper & magazine (reports, letters, editorials)

2. Recount (fiction or informational)

to retell a series of events.

example: autobiography, journals & diaries (first-person accounts)

3. Narrative (fiction or informational)

to entertain, amuse or instruct.

example: novels, biography & poetry (stories)

4. Persuasive

convincing the reader of the writer’s point of view.

example: advertisements & speeches (persuades)

5. Procedure

to instruct someone on how to do something.

example: recipes, rule books & website (instructions)

6. Response

to respond to an artistic work.

example: critical & review (responds)

The last session was on Friday and we had a formative test to do. The test was about all the lessons that we have learned in English class before. It consisted of 25 multiple choices and 2 essays, we need to write a journal for the past 5 weeks on English class and a review paragraph of Directed Writing for the essays.

Week 6 was not that good and it’s a little bit tiring week for me. The most tiring part was on the formative test. I mean when we had to write 2 long essays with a lack of time. But at least I still can answer all the essays completely as well as I can :).


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