English Journal Week 5

Almost every week we do a grammar review, so the same for week 5 and it’s about Simple Past and Past Perfect. This week we continued our latest topic to learn more about Tone and Mood, and we also did some review about Tone and Mood before did the quiz test on 2nd session of the week.

We always did grammar review on the first session and it’s always at the beginning in every session. This week we did the grammar review about Simple Past and Past Perfect:

  • Simple Past

(VERB) + (ed) or Irregular (V2)

“I played play station yesterday.”

  • Past Perfect

Had + Past participle (V3)

“I had finished my homework.”

Tone and Mood are known as the emotions or feelings expressed in a writing (text). While the Mood itself is ‘the emotion evoked by a text reader or what you experienced’. So the mood is what you feel after reading a writer’s writing, it can be angry, happy, lonely,etc. And Tone is ‘the way the writers feeling are expressed’. The tone is like the emotional that expressed but from the writer’s viewpoint, it can be sarcastic, optimistic, solemn, etc.

Last but not least, we did some review before the quiz with some other friends while Mrs. Evi only told us the instructions how to do the quiz. The quiz was just using a blank paper and the questions are on the slide. The questions were not many, but I was a little bit nervous that day because I didn’t study much for the quiz.

It’s a fairly busy week for the week 5, and it’s getting more challenging of English class. After all, It’s still a really nice week as I still can learn more something in English class thought!


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