English Journal Week 4

The 4th week of my English journal, we always had a routine grammar practice, and for section 1 on Thursday we still learned about directed writing. On section 2 on Friday we had a new topic about Mood and Tone. For this week actually Mrs. Evi told us to always bring our English IGCSE book to do many English exercises and learn the Cambridge materials from that book, but almost all of us didn’t bring the book, so we borrowed the photocopy of the English IGCSE book from Mrs. Evi.

On Thursday we did another practice, but this time we did the Directed Writing one. We all were told to do the review a restaurant from the English IGCSE book and write on our individual English textbook. The passage of the English IGCSE book was a negative review for a restaurant, and we have to rewrite the same review on a positive site of that restaurant which is using ‘the same material, different perspective’ method of directed writing and we only did the opening paragraph with 120-150 words.

These are some aspects that we should be analyzed first before doing the Directed Writing:

  1. The writer : Who is the writer?
  2. The purpose : What is the purpose?
  3. The style : What kind of style that being used in the text?
  4. The length : How long? (120-150 words)
  5. The content : What is the content?

After we already do the 5 things above, we can start to do it into a paragraph by following the given instructions. The paragraph below is my ‘the same material, different perspective’ Directed Writing paragraph of a restaurant review:

“Last week I went to such a perfect and gorgeous restaurant. The restaurant has a unique architecture that many restaurants don’t have, it was so pretty and it seems like a combination between Victorian and Georgian. The people inside this restaurant was really nice, especially the waiters that will serve you really nicely at all aspect that you want. The food was one of the most my favorite things from this restaurant because the taste was really delicious and maybe some menus you can’t find in other restaurants. For me, it’s really worthy to spend your money for this perfect restaurant that you will never find in another restaurant. This is my first time to felt really happy and such a pleasure for me to find a restaurant like this.”

This week was one of my favorite weeks actually. I like it when it turns to discussing together because it’s still fun but we also can learn more too. So I hope we can do more discussing in English class yay!


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