English Journal Week 3

On week 3 in English class, we had another 2 sessions on Thursday and Friday. For this week we discussed about Cambridge AS Level, had listening practice for TOEFL and IELTS, learned another new subject (Directed Writing) and also practiced about the Directed Writing.

There are two types of Directed Writing:

1. Same style, different context

Adapting a piece of writing for a similar task, but maybe with different context using the same language and style.

2. Same material, different perspective

Rewriting a passage with different purpose or viewpoint using the same material.

Directed Writing is a pretty simple topic, it’s just like you only have to rewrite another type of writing. But you also can’t despise it, because you need to analyze accurately the passage first before to do it.

Week 3 was quite fast and easy for me, but it also challenging every time I have to learn a new topic. Directed Writing seems like my favorite topic, because “The more easy to do a thing, the more I like that thing,” (-Amanda Setyanda) hehe :D. Wish next week will be another great week!


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