English Journal Week 1

This week in the first day that we started in English class, we only did an introduction and talk about the semester outline for the semester 1, learned about Bing Bang Bongo, and went to the ICT on 2nd period.

This is the first time I’m studying with  Mrs. Evi, and I like the method of Mrs. Evi’s teaching. She was teaching us slowly when she told us about Bing Bang Bongo that day. Although it’s a slow method, but it makes me understand about the topic.

Actually, Bing Bang Bongo is a concept on how to writing an essay. Which Bing is the opening paragraph. Usually, people used a list of three for the opening paragraph, but you also can use the others too. Bang is the contents of the essay, mostly it is consist of 3 paragraph. It can be the explanation of the list of three, or you can also just write the main contents of your essay. And the bongo is for the closing paragraph which is the conclusion of your essay.

After we finished learning Bing Bang Bongo, we were told to go to ICT to make our blog on WordPress, and the blog will be used for doing this English Weekly Journal. So from that day Mrs. Evi already told us to do English Weekly Journal every week for our project points.

Week 1 was always an introduction week, where it also stand for all classes. So we didn’t do many important things in week 1, but it’s a pretty exciting introduction week for me!


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